What is in the Germany Vet Pack

Our Germany Pet Health Document Course covers the essential documents and forms needed for your pet's travel to Germany.

  • Example Acclimation Certificate

  • Example Rabies Certificate Form

  • PetRelocation Vaccination Checklist

  • Fit to Travel Airline Health Certificate Form

  • Consulting Your Vet on Health and Safety Worksheets

  • Germany-Specific Veterinary Health Certificate Forms

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Even if you know all the steps to relocate your pet, implementing those steps is challenging. Imagine flight delays requiring a last-minute change to travel plans or a paperwork mix-up preventing entry at the airport. Our experienced team has seen it all and knows how to prevent problems before they arise. Our process, partners, and expert employees ensure that your pet is supported with the care and respect they deserve. Choose an option that is best for you!👇